Yoshinken 5 Years and Gasshuku in Hagaparken, 26-27 May 2007


Yoshinken 5 Years




Friday 25th of May

Yoshinken was founded 5 year ago by Sensei Marshall McDonagh. There are still 4 of the 6 original members who are active in the Stockholm group, more wonderful members have joined during the years.

Those who participated in the celebration were Sensei Marshall, the group from Stockholm and Gothenburg and we were of course honoured by the presence of Sensei Jan Kallenbach, president of Taikiken in Europe and one of his students from Shinbuken Daan Dirkson and his family.

The Gasshuku started Friday evening with a presentation of Anders Övferström who explained for us about the similarity between classic Chinese painting ”Xieyi” and ”Nejia” the internal form of Martial art (Yiquan/Taikiken/Shinbuken/Yoshinken).

After Anders presentation there was a nice surprise, Sensei Kallenbach showed us a super 8 film that was digitalised from a Taikiken training in Meiji-Jingu (Meiji-shrine)with Sawai Sensei from 1967. This was maybe the first film made from Taikiken training with Sawai Sensei. It was a film of a Master filmed by a Master. Since Sawai Sensei´s death in 1988 no training or any sport form has been allowed at Meiji-Jingu.

This was a much appreciated present to Sensei Marshall.

Åke Wall

Gasshuku in Hagaparken 26-27 May

The celebration of Yoshinken continued for two days with a gasshuku held by Sensei Marshall and Sensei Kallenbach. A student of Sensei Kallenbach, Sempai Dan, and most of the Yoshinkenpokas in Sweden participated.

Sensei Kallenbach explained the importance of observing the qualities, intentions and emotions of the opponent to be able to act accordingly. We were tought how to arouse our ki and how to influence our opponent. This was done in a most inspiring way and we all got sweaty and smiled a lot through “the yellow, orange and red zones”.

Sensei Marshall made us focus on the original principals of Taikiken. You will never be able to use your ki properly and understanding the purpose without accurately practising Ritsu Zen, Yuri, Hai and Neri. Neither will you finally be able to move without hinderness in training nor in real life. The Ritsu Zen feeling has to be kept through the entire training. Finally we all did Tansho. Sensei explained that, as well as in Ritsu Zen, there has to be both stillness and explosion in Tanshu. Some of us still have a long way to go...

During lunch in the Copper Tent both Senseis told us a lot of stories from “the old times”. In the mean time we enjoyed the delicious Dutch cookies that Sempai Daan shared with us.

Saturday evening there was a barbecue at Sempai Åkes house. Speeches were held, gifts were delivered and New Zealand wine was consumed.

The genuine friendship between the “Budo Brothers”, together with their exceptional Budo/Wushu experience, made this gasshuku both pleasant and valuable. I also think that the teaching of original Taikiken combined with a modern adjustment was a contribution and a homage to Sawai Sensei´s Taikiken.

Thank You.

Monika Ritzler



Lunch in Koppartaltet

Esko and Sensei Kallenbach

Happy faces

Hai in the bush

Sensei Kallenbach Sensei Marshall and Daan in the Echo Temple

Calligrafy presented to sensei Marshall from Sensei Jan

Present to Sensei Marshall from Daan (He has just discover that is was cookies)








Present to Sensei Marshall, a Bokken with an engraving “Yoshinken 5 years” and one to his Budobrother Sensei Jan to have a part from Yoshinken in Holland.

Anders and grill master (Rickard is smoked)

San shou

Potato man

Sensei Marshall